I translate from Spanish and Portuguese into English. As standard, I translate into UK English.


I specialise in translating documents from the following fields:

  • medicine and health (medical records, doctors' reports, scientific articles)

  • pharmaceutics (SmPCs, PILs, ADR reports, clinical trial documentation)

  • international development (reports, internal documents, training materials)


Medical translation is my main specialism and I work with a selection of specialist translation agencies and international medical organisations. I also have experience in translating business documents, legal texts including contracts and more general texts. However, it is always best to go with a specialist, so if I can’t help you, I may be able to direct you towards a fellow translator who can.


Please contact me if you need a quote for medical translation and I will do my best to accommodate your request.


proofreading & revision

I provide proofreading and revision services from Spanish and Portuguese into English, as well as monolingual English proofreading.


If you have had a document translated from Spanish or Portuguese and would like the quality checked by a professional translator, or wish to have a document transposed from another variant of English (e.g. US English) into UK English, please get in contact for a quote. I also offer a proofreading service for clients who would like a fresh pair of eyes to look over documents already written in UK English.


Please contact me for a proofreading quote.